PHSOtheFACTS (v) the institutionally corrupt Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)


In October 2016 three members of PHSOtheFACTS had a meeting with two members of the MPS regarding cases of Misconduct in Public Office against PHSO staff members. On reading this quote from the recent Daniel Morgan report (June 2021) we decided to publish the recording made at the time as part of an historical archive.

Listen to the way DCS Michael Duthie uses distraction techniques every time our logical argument gets them in a corner. Or the way that DI Gail Granville repeatedly tells us to restructure our evidence to show them ‘who did what at what time to whom’ as if our complex cases could be reduced to the level of a Cluedo game. They hide behind the advice of anonymous ‘counsel’ saying that unfortunately their hands are tied. And through a lack of candour make it impossible for us to validate their account of the ‘deep dive’ into…

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