anthony attubbuto,tony krishna , jane stephens , simon obrien , pension ombudsman crooks , guilty breach of section 1 ,2, bribery act 2010 , possible 10 yrs jail time , tesco uk director , JUDITH NELSON . senior associate squire corrupt and boggs , laura walsh , mcllean , both facing section 7 , 10 yrs and no limit fine , u do the crime u do the time, one , two , freddy:s cmon for u ,PO1491 , PETER STILL V TESCO PLC ,

 (A) PENSION OMBUDSMAN ILL HEALTH , 2006 ,2015 ,   bribe here and bribes flying around every where  (B) UK BRIBERY ACT 2010 peter 11 yr living the values , elm street nightmare  v  lean mean tory run zak goldstein, georgie ombumes all got shares  (C) TESCO STORES LTD EVIDENCE PROVIDED SQUIRE PATTON BOGG:S PO1491 – (D) FIRST MINISTER REPLY PETER STILL V TESCO PENSION FRAUD PO1491 19 JAN 2016 {F20160002541}  (E) TESCO PETER STILL PERSON FILE PENSION OMBUDSMAN PO1491 EVIDENCE  1o yr jail time , no limit fine TESCO PLC , 7 FIGURES EASY LIABILITY INSURANCE DIRECT LINE WILL DO JUST FINE WEE GUY FAE PULP FICTION FIX IT IN NO TIME,     (F) bribery-act-2010-circular-2011-5   (G) bribery-act-2010-quick-start-guide    ,  (H) bribery-act-2010-guidance                      (I) ABC_guidelines_designed-final  (J) HFW-The-UK-fight-against-corruption-December-2014               (K) GUIDANCE ON THE APPROACH OF THE CROWN OFFICE AND PROCURATOR FISCAL SERVICE TO REPORTING BY BUSINESSES OF BRIBERY OFFENCE:S

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